Environmental protection of plastic film packaging

With the impact of the environmental protection wave, consumers have increasingly higher requirements for product packaging. Green packaging is a requirement for the development of international environmental protection. It also represents the development trend of packaging industry in various countries, and is one of the important contents of improving product market competitiveness and avoiding new trade barriers.

China's plastic flexible packaging industry has been rapidly developed, but also strongly promoted the progress of food, daily chemical and pharmaceutical industries. These industry advances in turn further stimulated the market demand for plastic flexible packaging film.

With the continuous improvement of materials and processing technology, gravure plastic flexible packaging is playing an increasingly important role in many areas. People's lives are inseparable from shopping bags, merchandise bags, garbage bags, and refrigerator storage bags; and industrial products packaging. , Household daily necessities packaging, clothing packaging, pharmaceutical packaging also uses a large number of plastic flexible packaging film.

Corresponding to this, the greening of plastic flexible packaging films has become one of the important trends.

There is not a completely unified definition of green packaging. In general, moderate packaging that can be reused, reused, or degraded, and that does not pose a hazard to the human body or the environment throughout the product's lifecycle is called green packaging. The most important meaning of green packaging is to protect the environment, but it also has the significance of resource regeneration.

Strengthening recycling and reuse, and achieving ecological recycling of packaging waste are the most powerful measures to reduce environmental pollution. During the entire life cycle of the green packaging, it follows the principles of economic activities of “reduction, reuse, and resource recycling” of the circular economy so that the impact of packaging on the environment is minimized. In recent years, progress has been made in the recycling and reuse of plastic waste, and the secondary pollution problem has been gradually solved.

Packaging waste regulations vary from place to place, but there is a common principle that the amount of waste generated should be minimized on the premise of meeting the packaging function, that is, the use of raw materials should be encouraged. In the packaging design, the same material should be used as much as possible, the coexisting materials can be separated, and tends to use a material that is simple in structure and easy to recycle. Therefore, the development trend of lightweight packaging films is presented. The key technology is the use of new materials that have super toughness, can process thinner films, and are easier to process, such as bimodal polymer HDPE, polyolefins with metallocene catalysts, and high-quality Barrier packaging materials.

The domestic plastic flexible packaging industry has made many progresses in reducing waste pollution. With the gradual implementation of relevant domestic environmental laws and regulations, more progress will be made this year. For example, the use of heat-sealable stretched film plus varnish significantly reduces the amount of material used, has been used in a large number of applications for cold drink ice cream packaging, and has successfully reduced the thickness of the entire packaging film by using high-strength metallocene polyolefins. The phenomenon of over-packaging is also being gradually reduced; coextrusion compounding technology and equipment applications are also becoming more and more popular, which solves the problem of precise control of the film thickness of each layer, and the barrier layer thickness with high price can be controlled to be very thin, and the fresh-keeping performance is also preserved. Doubled or even several decades of improvement.

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