Gravure Printing Machine for Printing UV Decorative Ink

Patent Application No.9
Abstract: The utility model relates to a four-printer for printing UV decorative inks, including a machine base, an ink tank, an ink roller, a gravure cylinder and an impression cylinder. The utility model is characterized in that there is a heating jacket outside the ink tank, an electric heating tube inside the heating jacket, a through hole on the gravure cylinder shaft, a circulating heat pipe connected to the through hole, a far-infrared lamp above the gravure cylinder, and a knife near the gravure cylinder Both sides of the tool holder have polyamine cool elastic sheets, and the polyamine cool elastic sheet is I. The two sides are tangent to the both end surfaces of the gravure cylinder and the drum edge. The utility model has the advantages of using a printing UV decorative ink with high viscosity on a sheet-fed G printer to print a decorative pattern with imitation metal etching, refraction, wrinkles, ice flowers and corals on the cardboard.

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