IC packaging circuit precision plane screen printer

Shenzhen Screen Printing Superstar Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd., after nearly one year of development trial production, launched a new WJ-PT-IC precision plane screen printing press for the precision electronic printing industry. This machine is mainly based on the IC (integrated circuit) packaging industry as the basic object, the design and manufacturing process mainly meet the basic requirements of accurate alignment, ink thickening, precise diameter, uniform spacing, can be applied to both ceramic conductive circuit, FPC Circuit, carbon paste, silver paste, etc. The main performance is as follows: 1. The platform moves left and right, front and rear squeegee, and the screen holder is fixed but adjustable; 2. Four-column fixed screen plate, compact structure, strong rigidity; 3. The fixed screen bracket is connected to the four-column structure and can fine-tune the height of the screen and platform (±10 mm); 4. Printing pressure, printing rack drive, and table drive respectively adopt independent power source, and the movements are coordinated; 5. Servo-driven printing system, low speed without crawling, high speed without jitter; 6. PLC control circuit, touch screen (human-machine interface) control system; 7. Imported precision pneumatic and guide element dragging working platform, accurate positioning ± 0.02 mm; 8. Built-in interchangeable structural printing platforms.

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