Which level of climbing rock are you?

Compare below and see who you are at that level:

If you have a Pioneer Climb that can complete 5.9 or a Traditional Climb can complete 5.8; and meet one or more of the conditions listed below, you at least love rock climbers:

· At least once a week for climbing training for two hours

· Conduct all-weather rock climbing every two weeks

· A fingerboard hangs on the door frame of the home

·Can fluently state the major achievements of three world-class rock climbers

· Have their own seat belts, climbing shoes

If your Pioneer Climb can complete 5.11a or traditional climb to complete 5.10a; and meet two or more of the conditions listed below, you are at least an intermediate climber:

· own GRIGRI and a mechanical plug

· Worn five pairs of climbing shoes

· Stayed on the rock wall for more than 200 hours

· The total length of the rock climbing over 5 km

· Smoothly through the knot during descent

· The performance of the latest competition, the completion of the world's most difficult route, and the characteristics of the world’s masters

·It's like missing something on the rocky weekend

· All the buildings look like different routes of varying difficulty. The well-designed decoration seems to be a good foothold

If your Pioneer Climb can complete 5.13a or traditional climb to complete 5.12b or complete the V7 bouldering route and meet three or more of the conditions listed below, you are already a senior climber:

When the friends are together, the topic is always around climbing

· Think that the eight-hour work schedule is too restrictive for training time or because you cannot get a one-month vacation in Yangshuo, you resign.

Strictly dieting, hoping that in addition to the small arms, they are all thin and only skeleton

· There are five parts of the body because of climbing caused by sports injuries

· Write a book about climbing training and experiences or build a website about rock climbing

·The whole body is free of branded clothing and equipment. It is also necessary to weigh the choices when competing or taking pictures.

· Trained at rock climbing resorts in at least three countries

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