Apparatus and method for forming a product group in a delivery system

The invention relates to a device for forming a product group in a conveying system, in particular in a device for automatic packaging equipment. The device comprises a conveying path (12) in which, during operation, The product row (14) constituted by the product (P) advances in the conveying direction (D), in which the products (P) are in contact with each other; a separating element (20), which can be inserted into the conveying path (12) In a predetermined area so as to separate the product group constituted by the product having a predetermined length along the product advancing direction (D) downstream of the separating element (20); at least one nozzle (30) is provided At least one injection gas stream, for example an air stream, can be sprayed onto the product row (14) in order to separate the products (P1, P) in the predetermined area (44) from each other before inserting the separation element (20).

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