Willy Beauty 105CS: Creating a New Cutting Edge

The Varimatrix105CS die-cutting machine is an economical choice that leads packaging and printing companies into the specialized die-cutting field. It is the best choice for companies to upgrade from manual die-cutting operations to automatic operations.

Varimatrix 105CS handles a wide range of applications, from 80g/m2 paper to 1400g/m2 cardboard and hard cardboard; maximum thickness of 4mm corrugated cardboard; paper size up to 780mm × 1050mm, the minimum is 370mm × 400mm; maximum die-cutting pressure is 300T; The maximum cutting speed can reach 7500 sheets/hour. Feida is equipped with dual detectors, adjustable blower and flexible lateral guide air flow, which ensures a stable paper guide; the pre-stacker equipped before feeder ensures precise alignment of the paper before feed and improves the Job Accuracy: All tongues are individually opened at the time of delivery to ensure that the paper stacks in the trays are neat; high-speed plate change systems increase productivity overall; rapid modernization is achieved through new touch screens and operator panels.

Varimatrix105CS is highly price-competitive and combines high quality, high flexibility and high productivity. The extremely short job preparation time is particularly suitable for short-run printing jobs. It is an economical diecutting program for packaging and printing industry in Heidelberg.

Source of information: pack.cn

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