Domestic cigarette package printing gravure printing solution (2)

Third, domestic cigarette package gravure printing solution

The most typical solution for gravure printing is:

Solution: Connect wet compound + transfer + multicolor printing + crosscutting (or other connection processing) (import).

Features: high technology, high quality and high price.

Applications: Premium cigarette packaging, toothpaste boxes, shopping bags, etc.

Domestic (butch) printing and processing production line configuration type: unwinding + multi-color gravure + connecting cross cut (+ winding); unwinding + multi-color gravure (+ winding) + connection (or not connection ) Garden pressure die-cutting; fixed length wet-drawing compound + transfer + multicolor printing + crosscutting (+ winding).

The latest solution for cigarette pack printing and processing:

Solution: Fixed-length stretch wet compound + transfer + printing + cross cutting machine (+ winding).

Features: Modular structure, patented technology, high cost performance

Modularization - four modules: "zero speed" docking; fixed length wet compounding + transfer + (special unit); multi-color printing (with secondary register function); post-press connection unit (transverse, Rolling, etc.)

Patent technology - two key patents:

Patent 1: Compound transfer printing machine (domestic exclusive authorized production and sales)

Patent 2: Fixed Length Wet Multi-Layer Machine (Songde)

High cost performance:

The performance index reached or approached the level of foreign equipment;

The price is only 1/3 to 1/4 of imported equipment.

Three basic steps:

Electronic axis transmission gravure printing machine + cross cutting machine;

Fixed-length stretch wet laminating machine (+ peeler);

Machine production line.

Main technical features of fixed-length wet-laid compounding (+ peeling) machine: holographic film set arbitrarily; dual-electrical eye detection, automatic length confirmation; tension roller servo drive; multiple independent automatic tension control; S type double cooling roll Light roller coating or concave roller coating; Dry heat source: electricity, steam, hot oil, natural gas, etc.; optional coating trolley, fault diagnosis information system or machine management system.

Fixed-length wet compounding (+ peeling) machine

Actual test result:

Set length: 0.3mm.

The main features and distribution of SDP7650-350 gravure printing production line

Electronic shaft drive;

"zero speed docking" type unwinding device;

Wiring cross-cutting device;

Connection winding device;

Adapted to water-based ink printing and glazing;

The main application: cigarette packaging.

The main technical parameters of SDP7650-350 gravure printing production line

Printing color group: 7 colors; printing substrate: paper 70g/m-450g/m2; material width: 650mm; maximum mechanical speed: 350m/min; size range: medium] 20mm-~D300mm; unwind and rewind Diameter: qbl550mm.

SDP7650-350 type gravure printing line performance index actual measurement result: After the national examination organization and the user multi-site inspection (paper: 230g/m'), the actual performance index of the SDP7650-350 type gravure printing production line is: The highest mechanical speed: 350m/ Min; maximum printing speed: 300m/min; polishing speed (waterborne varnish): up to 250m/min.

Source: Bison

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