Plastic regeneration technology

At present, plastics such as PET and HDPE are relatively easy to handle, and it is not easy for engineering thermoplastics for durable products. These durable products include automobiles, computers, telephones, refrigerators, ski boots, household goods, and a large number of Small products, a mix-----

Plastic Packaging Can Lead New Food Trend

Recently, Heinz has begun to use a polymeric material produced by a Spanish company to replace traditional canned metal products. It is reported that the use of new plastic canned food can extend the shelf life of foods, such as canned cream cold soup shelf life of up to one year. At the recent B-----

Soft PVC adhesive formula

Soft PVC Adhesive-1 formula Component dosage /g component dosage /g Dichloromethane 100 Perchlorethylene Resin 320-350 Dichloroethane 100 Tetrahydrofuran 60~80 Use The glue is used for the bonding of soft PVC products. Soft PVC adhesive-2 formula Component dosage /g component dosage /g Te-----

Packaging personalized into the trend

Not long ago, I received wedding candy from my colleagues. While savoring sweetness, the small, delicate packaging attracted the attention of the writer: the festive red with a special shape design and blessing with text, personalized. The author could not help sighing: small packaging does not ha-----

Application of direct bar code printing

Bar codes, as identifiers, are playing an increasingly important role in the production, storage, transportation and circulation of products. With the development of science and technology, the bar code generation method is also varied, and now our main application generation methods include: pre------

Water transfer process classification

At present, most printing methods are for decorative printing of flat or nearly flat substrates, such as film gravure printing, paper offset printing, etc.; screen printing substrates are many, and irregular surfaces such as plastic bottles can be printed; The adaptability of India is better than -----